September 2011
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Think about the shows on the tv today. Think about the content, the dialogue, and the clothes the characters wear. What is the main theme in the shows? Is it a “sit-com” that makes a comedy out of shameful behavior like overindulging in alcohol? Is it a “drama” focused on immoral relationships? Is it a “talk show” that discusses “celebrity gossip”? Is it a “reality show” that promotes all of these things? Today’s television has become commonplace and is readily accepted by most, but imagine the reactions of people in the 1800’s, for example, if they were shown today’s television shows.

For example, the most popular television show right now based on IMDb’s “MOVIEmeter” is called “True Blood”. It is rated TV-MA and one of the taglines for the show is “Do Bad Things”. The show is about a waitress who can read minds and is in love with a vampire. The poster for the show is a girl dressed in an innappropriate dress with three men touching her (on her thigh and arms).

The parental guide for the show says the following: Sexual Content: 10/10; Violence and Gore: 9/10; Profanity: 8/10; Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking: 9/10; Frighting, Intense Scenes: 10/10. It also states there is a sex scene in almost every episode featuring male and female nudity. There is constant drug use. (The drug is vampire blood.) It is estimated that an average of 4.8 million viewers watch each episode.*

Who can deny that a show like this is the influence of Satan? It is appauling that this type of thing is considered entertaining. It is disgusting and shameful, and yet nearly 5 million people accept it. What does that tell you about society? Satan’s influence has crept so far into the lives of many that they are numb to that sinful content, and consider it entertainment.

*True Blood. (2011, September). Internet Movie Database (IMDb).